You have incredible power within

Let me teach you to unleash it

You know that you are not living the life you’ve always desired, you know that your playing small is not serving the world.

You have a big bucket but you are scooping little water and you are very aware that you have the capability and competence to do so much more.

You have read every self-development book in the world and spent many hours mindlessly watching you-tube motivational videos and signed up to a gazillon inspirational channels and subscribed to inspirational podcasts but NOTHING IS CHANGING.

You feel like you are dying a slow death – in the mind and in your spirit  - and you are clinging to that sliver of hope that keeps tugging at you and reminding you that you were created for so much more.

You are in desperate need for a TOTAL life makeover and that is where I step in. I help you to clear and upgrade your beliefs about why “it” hasn’t happened yet and what to do to get “it”. I help you to completely reframe your existing beliefs and dare to stretch your vision of what’s possible.

Through this coaching process, as you shed the layers of discontent and relentlessly pursue your purpose, you will be leaving a sprinkling of your gold dust everywhere you go and lives will positively change, simply because YOU took that first step.


People are born to do something unique & special

My purpose is to help them discover what That is


Wondering If working with me for your life makeover is the right fit?

If you can tick a box next tO ANY of these 10 things, then BREATHE IN, I’ve got you!

✔️  You feel a discomfort in your belly and a niggling reminder in your spirit that you are not living your life to the full.

✔️  You are stuck in a corporate career or in an entrepreneurial venture that is just not cutting it anymore and you are exhausted and totally drained.

✔️  You are always starting projects and not completing them. You have multiple half-finished projects and whenever you think of them, you feel guilty and it is shattering your confidence in your abilities.

✔️ You lack consistency in your habits. You set goals and after a couple of days or even weeks, you lose interest and motivation and this is a never-ending cycle that frustrates you to no end.

✔️  You feel stuck and “chained” to a life that no longer serves you. You know you need to get “unchained” but have absolutely no idea where to start.

✔️  You feel that you are stumbling through a cloudy, hazy forest and you are grasping at anything to keep your feet grounded. One step into uneven ground and you are DONE!

✔️  You feel like you are incubating something BIG; you know you are pregnant with something MAJOR  but not sure how to bring it forth.

✔️  You are so distracted watching others successes as they pursue their dreams and take action. As they accomplish their dreams, you feel a heaviness in your spirit and are secretly jealous because deep in your spirit you know you have every internal resource to help you succeed.

✔️  You have exhausted all the excuses in the book as to why you’re not where you had hoped to be at this particular point of your life and you know that something needs to change and it’s YOU! And you know that sadly, success does not pay any attention to excuses.

✔️  You are overwhelmed with being here, there and everywhere trying to get “it” but you feel like you are just spinning in circles.

For the 12 weeks, you have been a consistent source of wisdom and a diligent guide, helping me address some of those habits that had gotten me off track. The tools that you shared with me in your programme such as time management tools, have been so, so useful to me. Having you as my life coach has been one of my best decisions for 2017. You are a gifted teacher and I would gladly recommend your services to anyone as I already have benefitted immensely.
— Yvonne Nyokabi Nzomo
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Do not let FEAR and PROCRASTINATION hijack your greatness.

Fortune favours the aligned.

what will we cover during our coaching relationship?

What we focus on will be completely tailored to your specific needs, but here are some examples of what I have successfully helped my clients overcome in the past......

✔️  Discover how to connect to your soul purpose, ignite your passions and activate your potential

✔️Learn how to intentionally and purposefully create the life YOU really want by adjusting  your inner dialogue & self-talk

✔️Stop struggling to take confident, clear action towards your future and get crystal clear on your purpose

✔️  Crush your fears and break through the barriers holding you back form living the life you truly desire

✔️  Learn powerful principles yet simple concepts that will instantly banish those limiting beliefs and reprogram your mind for growth

✔️How to build your self-confidence, self-worth and self-esteem so that you can show up in your most authentic manner

✔️How to stop replaying those old tapes in your mind and deal with the underlying issues while working with mindset rituals that really work

✔️Self Awareness  - Let's help you work on yourself from the inside out. let us silence that inner critic and help you to stop talking & start doing!

✔️The brand called YOU - A module on Personal Branding that will positively change your perception of yourself & how others view you

✔️ Leverage your time with my AMAZING Time Management hacks & add up to 20 hours to your week (Shhh...ask me how!!)

& so, so much more!!

This program includes all the tools, resources, and support to hit all your goals quickly. 


What will you receive with my signature One to One Coaching Experience?

(12)  One Hour Laser focused coaching sessions (through Zoom, Skype or over the phone)

Unlimited Access to me in between our sessions through email and Voxer

Customized worksheets and homework for in between our sessions



Ready for your life makeover?


"Joanne is AMAZING! She reminds me of the metaphor "Every cloud has a silver lining". She uses her positive personality to find the good in EVERY situation and has a great outlook on life.  Joanne is extremely focused and as soon as she chooses a path she sets herself goals to make sure she achieves what she sets out to do and gets where she wants to be. Her other great attributes, amongst many others are she is a great self-motivator, determined both physically and mentally. I am very grateful that our paths crossed!

 - Sian Powell (Sian Fitness Antics)


"Joanne, is a highly effective Coach and Mentor, I came to her when I was in despair, confusion, and you delivered top tools, encouragement, insights and  training which helped me go above and beyond what I could have imagined. Each dollar invested with you Joanne was absolutely worth it & more!. You customized each session and tied it to the goals that we set together and all linked to my individual needs! You offered clarity and guidance on what i envisioned and ensured I remained focused. 

The most valuable takeaway for me is how you managed to train me on how to align my purpose with my daily actions. The results were tremendous and I cannot believe I am the same person.

I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU for being such an amazing force for greatness in my life.  Since, I started coaching with you, I have had many awesome breakthroughs in my life, both professionally and in my personal life.

Thank You Joanne!! You are my mentor, my coach and my accountability "partner" and I am truly blessed to have met you".

Alice Michira, Financial Consultant & Strategist