Note to self: Get rid of the dead weight in my life – people; thoughts & things!

This one will be short and to the point.

Does this sound remotely familiar? If it does, then it's for YOU!!

  • That dropbox folder full of photos with your dead-beat ex!
  • Emails from your old job that retrenched you!
  • Those 2 bottles of 2009 almost dry red nail polish and blue mascara!
  • Boxes of old oversize  / undersize  clothes  (depending)!
  • Dead. irreparable friendships that are hanging on a thread!

I could go on and on……

My message this Saturday is succinct. The equation:

Out with the old, in with the new

Declutter your mind, declutter your physical space!

Creating space to receive your desires.

If you are hoping to receive the lifestyle that you desire, then you need to take stock of the following.  Does your physical environment look ready to receive the things you pray for daily? Or is it full of junk; clothes littered all over the place, 2-week-old seafood pasta in the fridge? Empty bottles of perfume lying on your dressing table? Well, by now you must have caught my drift, right?

Now to your mental space? Is your mind cluttered? Do you have your old life holding you back? If you are holding onto old stuff, distant will not progress. If you are holding onto dead things you cannot attract the good things into your life.

Delete all those emails that remind you of the woman you used to be to help you step into the new woman that you have created to be; the woman that gets her desires.

Happiness begins with truth. You cannot simultaneously have your old life and new life at the same time. For you to step into this new woman, you will need to get rid of the dead-weight that’s holding you back. Let it go!!

The things that were serving you back then WILL NOT serve you in the place that you are headed.

I believe in offering solutions where I can. The four steps below will help you take control of your mind and change your brain through what psychologists refer to as thought reframing.

1.     ✔ Relabel – Become aware of and identify deceptive brain messages and uncomfortable sensations. Consciously put a label on your experience as it’s happening.

2.     ✔ Reframe – Change your perception of the importance of your thoughts. Realize that they’re simply products of your brain that you don’t have to believe.

3.     ✔ Refocus – In the first two steps, you clear your cognitive field. Then, focus your attention on the moment in the direction you want to go and consciously do something constructive.

4.     ✔ Revalue – After the first three steps, the fourth step begins to happen almost automatically as the result of new thinking patterns. You begin to see thoughts, urges, and impulses for what they are: sensations caused by deceptive brain messages that don’t benefit you.

SO this weekend, take time to really look at your physical space and DECLUTTER. Purge! Throw out what needs to go! And this continues tomorrow, have a Sunday afternoon date with yourself, God and your journal and let go of any unforgiveness, resentment, bitterness, hatred, jealousy and envy  -  all that dead stuff that’s stopping you from moving forward.

You will be surprised how easily you stay afloat when you drop the dead weight that you are trying to save.

My inbox, and my heart   is always waiting for your responses! I cannot wait to read your emails on how this process went for you.


Joanne xx