The only thing holding you back from success is YOURSELF.
— Joanne Muturi

Welcome November!! On Sunday night, the temperatures here in the UK plummeted to almost 0 degrees! I kid you not! But I am very prepared for the change in weather. As I type out this newsletter, I am sipping on my hot chocolate, wrapped up in my lovely baby pink shawl and my crockpot is out -nice and clean, in readiness for warm, nice, spicy comforting soups this season.


Now, the countdown is on to the final 2 months of 2017, which means it's time to buckle down, wear your big girl pants and take MASSIVE action in your life and business to set yourself up to end the year strong.

While chatting with one of my good friends this past weekend, I shared with her one of the fears I personally have been working on. She was really interested in hearing more as she was so used to hearing more about fear of failure but had never heard of this concept of mine.Thank God I have finally wrapped my head around it. Wanna hear what it is? Well, I will be very honest and raw today. It is the FEAR OF SUCCESS!

While the fear of success phobia (Achievemephobia) may seem weird to many; it is actually a very real social phobia. Fear of success exists especially for top achievers and high performers. It might surprise you to note that many top CEOs and presidents of banks have been known to have Achievemephobia.


Let me break it down a little from a personal perspective.


“I am afraid of what success will do to me. I am not afraid of what it will do t others. I am afraid of the scary, unknown place that success will take me and how my ego will handle it. I am afraid of my ego. The amount of success I see myself achieving is limitless, like the dark expansive universe where my feet and hands can’t touch and grasp”.


Success means change (even if it's the change you always wanted)

If you try something and fail, you go back to what you knew. You may not be happy about it, but you go back to your comfort zone.
If you try something and succeed, you head into uncharted territory. Things are different. Things change.

You often hear about athletes, musicians, or performers who are catapulted from relative obscurity to the big time. Although that kind of success may have been their dream and aspiration, many say that they were just not ready for that level of success.

Many talk about not being ready for the financial and social pressures, the lack of privacy, and the lifestyle changes from when no one knew them compared with now being household names.

Success also often means a bigger impact on more people

For me, I totally understand that the more responsibility I am given, the more I am expected to perform. To whom much is given, much is expected. I understand that the more people will depend on me. It means that more people care about what I do and say, and that my opinions are further reaching. So scary, right?

It sounds great on paper, but the fact is the bigger my impact, the more vulnerable I feel because I am now in the spotlight to many more people and of course this comes with the fear of judgment and scrutiny and everything else that comes with that broader exposure.

But guess what, I have a coach who has gone through all these emotions and feelings. She gets it! I feel supported and she has helped me realize that my holding back is not of service to anyone more so my tribe, my community, my family and society in general. She brought to light the consequences of me holding myself back from success are far more profound and painful.


It’s your turn now. This November, I invite you to explore the opportunity to dig deep and discover for yourself what you need to work on at a personal level so that you can fully open up to receive all the abundance that is waiting for you.


What is it time for you to let go of?


Which thoughts, habits, behaviors, relationships, etc. are no longer serving you in your life and business?


What do you need to release in order to achieve the results you want?


Oh, and by the way -


What do you really want? It is time for you to reclaim authenticity.


Accept discomfort.


Stop overthinking. Just START!


Baby steps…one foot in front of the other


What do you want for you? Right now….. in this moment?


Answer the deep questions in your heart.

And then begin to change your thoughts about your life and your current situation. Be ready to do what it takes to make these last 2 months super meaningful. And as you take that first brave step, you'll find the courage and enthusiasm to embrace the amazing person you are meant to be.

What is your fear? What is that one thing that you need to process but are so scared of even sharing with your spouse / BFF etc? I really would want to hear from you. Please drop me a line, I will be grateful.