Be not afraid of growing slowly; be afraid only of standing still.
— Chinese Proverb

If you remember the "Review & Reset" email that I sent you on the 26th of February, I promised to share with you some of the actions that I have taken as a result of this activity.

I hope this gives you the energy, motivation and enthusiasm to do this at the end of every month.

So here goes!

What did I learn in February?

In February, I learnt the importance of connections and improving my networks. I learnt that people are the best resource you can have in all areas of life whether in friendships, business, social interactions etc. I was able to make 3 new friends from my Mastermind and online contacts that I can now confidently say will become lifetime friends.

I also learnt the importance of documenting and tracking stuff. HUGE LESSON: If it is not tracked, it will not be done! One of the things I did was buy 2 planners (that I use religiously) and lots of sticky note pads to keep track of my actions.

I also learnt that my morning routine is like oxygen to me! Honestly, when I do not do my morning routine, my entire day becomes really messed up. I get a lot of energy and motivation from my morning routine so consistency in this is crucial to my overall success.

What was my greatest accomplishment?

I decided to take charge of my health and signed up with a wellness coach. As you all know, health is wealth and having had serious health challenges in the past, I am very determined not to go down that route again in the future.

I also realised that while the bulk of my energy and focus is on my business, my family, my clients and all the other pieces,I was doing my health a major disservice. Facing the sombre realization that if I continue neglecting this vital wellness piece, the price will be extremely costly in the long run and this is definitely not a price I am willing to pay.

Fatigue, exhaustion, burnout and emotional distress come when I am not taking charge of my emotional wellbeing, my physical body and my spirituality. This is changing NOW!!

What am I spending too little/too much time on?

Part of my wellness coaching is really identifying the areas where my life is off-balance. I realised that I spend a lot of time creating content and not necessarily using it, on various social media  platforms just flipping through and listening to numerous podcasts / FB and YouTube videos etc. I also found that I was spending very little time on my personal stuff and on paying attention to my own needs.

What didn't go according to plan? And how can I improve it?

Failing forward is one of the lessons I keep leaning on daily! I was to re-take my UK driving exam in March but due to the unbearable weather conditions, I had no choice but to reschedule to April.

"A BIG lesson for me is that I am not in control of everything and that many times things will not go according to plan BUT that is fine!"

This has largely inconvenienced me but has taught me a way to work around my movement. After driving myself everywhere since I was 18, I have now learnt to take public transportation, to walk and generally be creative and it has been a eye-opening experience for me.

What is holding me back?

Too much on my to-do list leading to overwhelm and frustration. And as a recovering perfectionist, there is the constant need to battle perfection in everything I do.

What do I need to stop doing?

Being Superwoman. Yup!
Having too many activities in a day has made me exhausted and burn-out.
I need to reduce the things I put in my to-do list and use a prioritization technique I use with my clients to determine the level of urgency.

What do I want to achieve this month?

My 3 objectives for March revolve around 3 areas of my life: my habits, my health and my business

I.               Stick to my morning routine and include daily journaling to channel my thoughts and feelings.


II.             Work very closely with my health coach to ensure that I achieve the objectives / goals that we set together. One of the main ones includes daily movement – either through the gym or walking and reduce the consumption of sugary foods and carbohydrates in my diet as well as drink at least 2 litres of water daily.


III.            In as much as a lot of my time goes to my work which I absolutely love, I have put aside a full hour each day towards myself. In this hour, I spend time doing something I like such as reading a novel, listening to music, doing online personality quizzes (I loooove this!!), flipping through a magazine, watching a movie or series  Netflix or simply just chill.

Now that you have seen mine, over to you! Let me know how this has been of help to you.

In the meantime, if you have not liked my FB page or are not even aware of it’s existence, please head on there and you will find lots of content that will help you to get perspective and clarity on your life purpose.

And you can start with this live video that I posted last night on "The 6 fatal flaws that are keeping you stuck."

As always, can't wait to read your responses and feedback.


Joanne xx