All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.
— Walt Disney

Have you missed me?? Have you? Well, I have missed you BIG!! I am back, with so much excitement and energy and content that will help you move from where you are to close & closer to your goals, until you finally get there! You know there? Well, yes….I can see it for you already!

Anyway, the last 2 months have just been totally LIT! Yeah, I had to use that word! EPIC, AMAZING, TRANSFORMATIONAL…you can add your own adjective! And I got this HUGE lightbulb moment on my flight back home to the UK that God had answered one of my BIGGEST prayers and I had not even recognised it.

Having worked in corporate for 13 years (and slightly more!!) BIG sigh, I had always prayed for the day that I would "retire" so I could live my life as I wanted, doing exactly what I wanted and with whomever I wanted.


Thank God I have not had to wait until 65 to live a life that I’m very grateful for. I am living it in the here and the now!

Flashback to June 2016!

I had resigned from the UN, moved continents, was still very new in marriage and all I wanted was clarity on my next steps. I remember signing up my 1st coach for 1:1 coaching and just processing the payment without so much as a thought because I just needed to get clarity on what I needed to do with my life. I did not even care about the numbers, I just needed a way forward! I knew for sure that I wanted to run a business, but a business doing what? Start an NGO (hmmm!! Save the children?), become a nutritionist (lol!!
), open a bank (yes, I am totally ambitious like that!), become an artist, launch a dance studio (with my 2 partially left feet?), open an African kitchen and whip out some fantastic Kenyan meals for my mainly Caucasian clientele (not a bad idea, I love to cook)!! As hilarious as this may sound now, all these are ideas that criss-crossed my mind! And some are actually now part of my longer-term goals! Watch me bring them to life!

So after much introspection, it came to me! I literally stumbled across coaching (story for another day) and when I made the decision to pursue that area, I decided that my business was NOT going to be my plan B but my plan B! It had to work PERIOD and I was going to make it work no matter what! I went ALL in and this is what my first months in business looked like:

🔹I fell asleep on my computer many times at 1 am while working on my signature 90-day programme. I even was part of a coaching Mastermind that met at 2am my time (because of the time difference between the US and the UK) and for the 12 weeks I was a part of it, I never, ever missed a session. I was so, so committed to it that many times I would go to bed at 11pm and set my alarm for 1.50am, attend the session until 3.30am and since it was already morning, just get on with my day!

🔹I did not have the luxury of watching TV and just chilling on a random Friday with my friends. I was SUPER focused and guarded my time with extreme jealousy. I would have wanted to just go with the flow but whenever I envisioned the outcome of me being a "BossLady", I just kept going on and on like an energizer bunny!

🔹I made sacrifices in the short-term so I could enjoy in the long-term. I love my candle-lit dinners with my husband in fancy restaurants and could easily spend ALL my money on books, shoes and clothes, but those little pleasures had to be suspended momentarily so that I could set up a rock-solid foundation for the business that I am so, so madly in love with.

PS. Some of these moves are dangerous and are definitely not recommended, now that I know better.

Why do I share this? Because I knew that just sitting and wishing that my dreams came true and that my business just magically grew by itself was an ILLUSION! Daydreaming, meditating, visualizing is good but DOES NOT bring dreams to life. Dreams are brought to life by taking DAILY, INSPIRED action towards them.

"Bringing your dreams to life is NOT about the massive leaps forward. Let no one kid you! It’s about the tiny steps, the tiny mental shifts, the tiny trial and errors (not perfectionism!), the tiny successes and the BELIEF in self, that no matter what the challenges, IT WILL HAPPEN!"

So, as I disembarked from that flight from JKIA to Birmingham, I recognized that I was truly living the life that I have always desired. And I know bigger and better is yet to come but for now, I am savouring the beautiful place I am! And my biggest source of joy is not having the stress and accompanying nausea and headaches of reporting to work on January 2nd, extremely exhausted after the holidays, needing a holiday from the holidays. I now have the ability to spend my January on vacation whilst serving my clients and good fortune of running EPIC workshops and Vision Board Parties with amazing women that I absolutely ADORE & BELIEVE IN!

As I type this message out, in front of the fire, this cold chilly wintry evening, I have this big, wide smile on my face because I know it is possible for you too! I think about you all the time! Because, I know that just like me, you can start that project that you’ve decided to actively pursue this year! Whether it’s quitting your corporate job to launch a new business, or re-launching an old business, or writing your first book, or launching a charity helping orphaned children, or even learning to play a musical instrument, then this is your time.

My work is simply to support you, to coach you, to hold your hand, to pray for you and give you the guidance that my own coaches have given me so selflessly. Let us move YOUR dream from your head to reality together!

It Is really that simple, I promise you! Just as I started, I will also wind up with this beautiful quote I love;

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them".
-Walt Disney

So, if you are truly looking to get out of your corporate job this year to relentlessly pursue your life calling, or to finally do something AMAZING with your life, then I invite you to respond to this email. That’s it, a simple response saying, I AM IN!

Think about the liberation, personal fulfilment and freedom that is awaiting you on the other side! And know that I am so waiting to do this with you!

To your success,

Joanne xx